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Reimbursement Update

Please note the following Medicaid rate updates:

2016 MDS Audits

OMIG has completed the 2016 MDS audits, and DOH has processed the affected rates, including removal of the 5% CMI cap that was in place. The 7/1/16 and 1/1/17 revised rates are scheduled in upcoming Medicaid cycle #2268 (check release date 2/24/21). The DOH DALs (July 16 and January 2017) are provided with further details.

2019 CRA Payments

DOH has reconciled the 2019 Cash Receipt Assessment (CRA) payments and reimbursement, which could reflect either positive or negative adjustments to providers. The CRA rates will take effect in upcoming Medicaid cycle #2269 (check release date of 3/3/21). The DOH DAL is attached with further details.

Questions on either update should be sent to


Carl J. Pucci
Chief Financial Officer
518-462-4800 x36