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HRSA Phase 4 Distribution Details Released

As announced late last week, HRSA is releasing $25B in its Phase 4 funding distribution of the Provider Relief Fund (PRF). Virtually all Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Communities are eligible for Phase 4. The application portal opens on 9/29/21.

A reminder that HRSA will reconsider Phase 3 awards for those providers whose funding was incorrect or incomplete.

Although technically the PRF reporting obligations are due on 9/30/21, HRSA is providing a penalty-free grace period until 11/30/21.

The AHCA bulletin below provides further details, including a rural provider validator link to assist providers in determining if their location is considered rural, and thus eligible for the $8.5B rural allocation portion of the Phase 4 funding.


Yesterday, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) released additional details on the $25 billion September 10th announcement composed of the $17 billion Phase 4 distribution and the $8.5 billion rural distribution.

HRSA Updates and New Details 
The Administration provided context for the size of the distribution and the parameters for award, eligibility, and use. HRSA noted the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) has approximately $39 billion. HRSA indicated the $39 billion will be reduced by the Phase 4 $17 billion to $22 billion. However, it is likely the $8.5 billion will also reduce the unobligated to $14 billion. The unobligated remaining amount of $22 billion or $14 billion is impacted by the ongoing availability of payments to providers who deliver care to the uninsured. Of note, HRSA also confirmed that virtually all skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and assisted living communities (ALCs) (including private pay) are eligible for Phase 4.

Phase 4 Distribution
Based upon parameters in the Consolidated Appropriations Act , Phase 4 is modeled on Phase 3 and aimed at reimbursing providers for lost revenues and expenses related to COVID-19 based on Q3-4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021.  Phase 4 is open to all providers, including new providers – “any provider or supplier of health care, services, and support in a medical setting, at home, or in the community” is eligible to apply.  Unlike the rural portion of funds, providers will not be excluded based on geography.  To view a list of eligible providers, click here.

HRSA made clear that the new methodology implemented in this distribution is intended to support the Administration’s broader goals around health equity.


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