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DOH Monthly Briefing – March 2021

DOH held its Monthly Briefing earlier today. The following summarizes the topics discussed:

January 1, 2021 Rates (Capital Only)

The 1/1/21 Capital rates will be updated and adjustments will be in upcoming Medicaid cycle #2273 (check release date of 3/31/21) (attached is the DAL). The July 2020 MDS timeline (which will adjust the case mix for the upcoming 1/1/21 operating rates) has yet to be determined. DOH is testing the validity of MDS submissions to CMS during the May to July 2020 catchment period prior to issuing the submission timeline.

Advanced Training Notice (ATI)

The ATI payments will now be issued in upcoming Medicaid cycle #2272 (check release 3/24/21) vs. originally scheduled Medicaid cycle #2273 (3/31/21).

Additional 1% Restoration

DOH continues work to advance the State Plan Amendment for the additional 1% restoration. A financing package has been sent to DOB for their approval. Upon approval, funding would be via a lump-sum payment vs. rate adjustment. NYSHFA will provide further details once DOH finalizes the payment methodology.

2020 RHCF Deadline

DOH anticipates release of the RHCF software in early May with a 90-day turnaround for filing, most likely in mid-July. Further details will be announced at a later date.

2017-19 Rate Appeals

The rate appeals for 2017-19 are approved and will be slated in an upcoming Medicaid cycle to be announced. Both capital and operating appeals will be processed, subject to the statewide budgetary appeals cap. DOH will separately notify facilities whose rates are impacted by the appeal changes.


OMIG confirmed that the 2016 MDS audits are now complete. OMIG has a majority of 2017 MDS audits near completion (i.e., exit interview stage) as well as a number of facilities either under way or pending notification.


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Chief Financial Officer
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