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Certified Nursing Assistants Requirements

Get Ready: Make sure you are up to date on your in-service education records for your Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). The facility must complete a performance review of every CNA at least once every 12 months and must provide regular in-service education based on the outcome of these reviews. In-service training must comply with the requirements of § 483.95(g) as stated here:

  • 483.95(g) (g)Required in-service training for nurse aides must include:

(1) Be sufficient to ensure the continuing competence of nurse aides, but must be no less than 12 hours per year.

(2) Include dementia management training and resident abuse prevention training.

(3) Address areas of weakness as determined in the nurse aides’ performance reviews and facility assessment at § 483.70(e) and may address the special needs of residents as determined by the facility staff.

(4) For CNAs providing care and services to individuals with cognitive impairments, also address the care of the cognitively impaired.


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